New Zealand Ski Vacation

Plenty of Great Options for Your New Zealand Ski Vacation

New Zealand is a nation that offers incredible natural beauty and a wide variety of ski vacations in Queenstown along with many ways to enjoy that beauty. While a lot of attention has been paid to camping and sight-seeing, for winter sports enthusiasts you will be glad to know that there are some truly outstanding options when it comes to enjoying a ski vacation while in New Zealand. Whether local or tourist, there’s plenty of space on the powder to get some serious skiing in! Need help paying for your vacation? Investing in Lear Capital Coins may help you get there faster

Coronet Peak
Coronet Peak is one of the most famous ski resorts in the country and for good reason. They offer a wide array of slopes that range from family and beginner friendly to some very challenging runs that you shouldn’t tackle until you’re the professional level of skill.

The location is fantastic, as well. Located on the South Island, there are countless beginner trails and slopes, with The Big Easy being one of the most popular ski spots in all the islands. The Exchange Drop is the expert version where serious skiers will find the full array of challenges to keep a day on the powder from getting too dull or predictable.

The skiing gem of the north island, you can find Whakapapa off the northeast slopes of Mt. Ruapehu, one of the gems of the famous Tongariro National Park. This boundary area is over 1400 acres in size and has some seriously impressive vertical descent. There are slopes for beginners, intermediate level skiers, and even professional level. A stunning 30 jumps & trails balance out 24 black diamond runs.

This is a fantastic ski resort that offers a lot of options for skiers at all levels and makes use of every acre of space in the shadow of one of New Zealand’s most spectacular National Parks.

Cardrona is an excellent option that is only a short trip away from anyone visiting Wanaka or Queenstown. There are even shuttle and bus services often available which opens up the options for getting to and from. The highest elevation here is a full 6100 feet up, and there is a fair mixture of skiing trails as well as a solid lodge experience that makes sure there is plenty of comfort and enjoyment for everyone.

Mt Lyford
What’s a list of great New Zealand ski vacation destinations without a true hidden gem? Not many people are familiar with Mt Lyford, but located two hours north of the city of Christchurch, you won’t be disappointed with the trip after seeing what awaits you. An excellent array of fields and trails not only offers excellent skiing for individuals at all levels of skill but also many truly incredible views of the New Zealand ski field.

Add in a complete lack of crowds to compete against and you’ll enjoy skiing without spending long amounts of time at the lift or fighting through the people on the slope itself.

Many Other Options
These are some of the finest places to enjoy a ski vacation in New Zealand, but there are many other options enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. A little bit of planning goes a long way, but you will be delighted to find the sheer number of options you have when it comes to New Zealand ski vacations.

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