CBD Oil Affects

How CBD Oil Affects Athletic Performance

Many sports enthusiasts and professional athletes take advantage of the metabolic benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) to increase their athletic performance.

When we think of cannabis, we are generally referred to as the stereotype of the “joint smoker”, the athletic type not really being the first thing that comes to mind. The truth is that today, consumers of legal cannabis products come from all walks of life and have all kinds of activities and interests – sport is obviously one of them. Many sports enthusiasts and professional athletes take advantage of the metabolic benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) to increase their athletic performance.

Cannabidiol for athletes

The cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant, and more particularly Cannabidiol, have important antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Among other things, they improve muscle relaxation and reduce pain during the recovery process after exercise.

Cannabidiol reduces stress and mental tension during periods of stress – such as during competitions or extreme sports. It improves concentration and encourages risk-taking, allowing athletes to overcome bad memories and injuries more easily.

Through its relaxing and soothing properties, CBD also allows athletes to achieve a better quality of sleep – which has an indirect and positive impact on their performance.

The consumption of Cannabidiol is therefore very useful for sports practice, both after exercise and just before it is practiced.

CBD Oil – Perfect for Muscle Recovery

Among other things, CBD is now recognized for its ability to:

  • Reduce inflammation –by helping muscles recover after exercise.
  • Reduce pain –allowing athletes to better withstand intense training loads and injuries.
  • Improve the quality of sleep –which leads to more restful sleep and indirectly helps muscle recovery.
  • Reduce muscle convulsions –avoiding or relieving the cramps so common during intense efforts.
  • Increase concentration –by allowing athletes to clear their minds in order to approach an event in the best possible conditions.
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

Cannabidiol has been proven to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on many occasions. Since most athletes suffer injuries at some point in their careers, it is only natural that the use of the CDB should be an interesting option for recovery. After all, when the alternative for treatment is a powerful and more addictive pharmaceutical analgesic, it is understandable that Cannabidiol is perceived as a healthier option.

Intense sports training increases oxidative stress at the cellular level – and therefore inflammation. The consumption of antioxidants is the best option to remedy this situation and preclinical research has found that Cannabidiol – present in CBD oil in particular – is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C or E5, present in kiwi, oranges or blueberries.

Given the effects mentioned above, it is not surprising that many athletes add CBD to their diet. Indeed, Cannabidiol is increasingly popular with people who undergo intense sports training – such as MMA fighters, American football players or extreme sports enthusiasts – to reduce pain, inhibit inflammation or provide faster wound healing and better quality of sleep.

How to consume Cannabidiol in sports?

Vaporing – Using a vaporizer helps to avoid the negative effects of combustion. As cannabis is heated to lower temperatures, no carcinogens are released. It should also be noted that inhaling Cannabidiol allows the effects to be obtained more quickly compared to ingestion, which means that many athletes turn to this type of consumption.

Food and Oils – Food and oils do not pose a risk to your health and are therefore an obvious choice for most seniors. By eating, you reduce the amount of cannabinoids absorbed by 10-20% but, as they are transformed by the liver, the duration of the effects is doubled and generally more intense. CBD oil may be the best option – the small, discreet vials go with you everywhere and two drops per dose are enough to feel the positive effects of Cannabidiol.

Creams and ointments – Creams and ointments with CBD extracts are very popular with athletes. By their use, these products are very similar to the balms and pomades that athletes use to relieve their pain – such as muscle aches or bruises. There are products derived from Hemp of all kinds, such as healing creams and pain relief creams.

And you use CBD oil or other hemp products to help you in your sports training? Leave us a comment! We’re interested!

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