Hemp Oil For Pets with Joint Problems

Hemp Oils for Pets with Joint Problems

Joint pain is something that can really affect your pet’s quality of life. They’ll want to move less to avoid the pain, and this can then lead to weight gain over time. The weight gain, in turn, can exacerbate the joint pain because of the extra pressure on the joints.

Joint pain can also make your one-time playful friend miserable, grouchy, and irritable. It’s not your pet’s fault – it hurts. Treating the pain is essential to help your pet get back to normal.

Can We Use CBD or Hemp Oil for Our Pets with Joint Problems?

There has been a lot said in the media about the efficacy of CBD oil derived from hemp. So much so, in fact, that it’s usefulness as a medication is being tested, but researchers aren’t just focusing on the benefits for humans.

They’re also interested in whether it’s a good idea to use CBD oil for pets with joint problems. That’s where it gets interesting.

Researchers in one study found that a daily treatment regimen of hemp for pets with joint problems over four weeks showed significant improvement in their pain symptoms. In fact, the trial showed that CBD oil was just as effective as NSAIDs in this area.

Other Benefits of Using Hemp Oil

The benefits of this hemp or CBD oil go further than just basic pain relief, though. The oil is also able to calm an anxious dog, help them fall asleep faster, and can soothe symptoms of allergies and seizures.

Overall, CBD oil can help your pet live a fuller life. If you’re using hemp or CBD oil for pets with joint problems, then you can rest assured that it will ease their suffering. They’ll feel less anxious and stressed, and this can also help them feel a bit better.

Give them a dose about an hour before it’s bedtime and they’ll sleep a lot better as well.

Is it Safe to Use Hemp Oils for Pets with Joint Problems?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. The study we referenced above found that there were no negative side effects for the dogs. We wish we could say the same about more conventional treatment options for pain in dogs.

Unfortunately, prescription meds for dogs can be just as bad for them as meds can be for us. The biggest advantage of using CBD oil or hemp oil for pets with joint problems is that there are no negative side effects. Your dog may be a little sleepier than normal at first, but this will pass quickly enough.

We do have to give one warning here – you must get a high-CBD oil without THC in it. THC is the compound that causes you to get high while using marijuana. It’s not present in high-quality oils. If it does contain high levels of THC, it is actually illegal in some states.

THC is also dangerous for dogs. They are not able to metabolize the compound properly, and it can become toxic for them.

Will CBD Get My Pet High?

Part of the fuss about CBD oil is that many people worry it will get the user high, but that belief is actually just a common misconception. CBD oil contains little to no THC, the compound in marijuana that produces euphoria. As long as you stick to an oil that is advertised as hemp or CBD oil or THC free, your pet is not getting high anytime soon.

As with any other medication, it’s best to start your pet off on the lowest dose possible. If you need to, you can always increase the dosage from there.

Overall, CBD oil has been showing some promising results for pain management in humans, and there is every indication that these benefits carry over to our furry friends as well.


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