CBD Vape Oil Side Effects

Know More About CBD Vape Oil

CBD seems to be everywhere…In the news, friends, social media – Appears like it is getting popular day by day.


While CBD or cannabis oil has many health benefits and is used in treating several different medical ailments, the society is finding new ways of consuming it, one of which is vaping CBD oil through an e-cig device which really makes one question whether or not it is safe to use CBD vape oil.

Is CBD Vape Safe To Use?

Nowadays, vaping has become a popular way of consuming CBD and like everything it has its pros and cons.

Let us first look at the benefits of vaping CBD:

1: Fast Absorbing

One of the core benefits of vaping CBD is that it is fast absorbing. When you inhale it through an e-cig, you will feel that quick relaxation sweeps over your body which welcomes the health benefits it brings with it like pain and stress relieving, reducing inflammation and tackling depression and mood swings.

This means you will experience the substance effects immediately.

When you vape cannabis oil, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream instantly. The reason being it is inhaled and sent directly to your lungs. From there is enters your bloodstream and this gives you that CBD high effect.

Moreover, CBD vaping has higher bioavailability as compared to other consumptions methods. This means more CBD is absorbed into your body when you vape it.

2: Convenient

Because carrying an e=cig or vaping device anywhere is easy, this makes using the substance very convenient. All you need is CBD vape oil, a compact vape in your pocket or bag and that’s it. The best thing about these devices is that they are ready to use on the spot. Make sure you charge your vape before leaving home. To enjoy CBD puffs, all you need to do is turn on your device, wait for a minute or two so that the heating elements heats up the CBD mixture and finally inhale it through the mouthpiece.

Also the vape device creates little smoke and has no harmful substances like tobacco or nicotine which makes it a healthier alternative as compared to traditional cigarettes.

3: Overall Health Benefits

There are several researches that tell us countless benefits of CBD. One of the main benefits it has the relaxing and calming effect on body both mentally and physically. It can also help to reduce the side-effect of chronic diseases like cancer, stress and anxiety along with insomnia and sleep apnea.

Another major benefit of cannabis oil is its anti-inflammatory properties which reduces muscle and joint swelling in body. CBD can also alleviate the discomfort followed by a surgery or if you have muscle issues or joint pains, it can significantly reduce it.

Since vaping is a way to quickly absorb CBD in body, it will act abruptly to overcome any underlying medical ailments.

CBD Vape Oil Side Effects

Excessive use of anything will bring its side-effects, be it be something like CBD:

1: Addiction

While CBD itself is not addictive but when vaped, it can become addictive. You can quickly become obsessed with inhaling CBD vapor as it is an easier way as compared to the traditional methods. Moreover, vaping makes CBD absorb quickly in your bloodstream and thus results in quick relieving symptoms which can also result in symptoms and may even develop resistance overtime.

2: Other Health Risks

While vaping CBD and generally cannabis oil in itself has several health benefits but when vaping, you have to be careful as to how much juice you inhale at a time. Also, the temperature at which you heat the juice is also very important.

If you have any pre-existing health conditions like a lung or heart disease, you should strictly avoid vaping CBD.

There are toxic thinning agents present in CBD vape oil. Because the extract itself is viscous, and to use in vape device thinning agents must be used to efficiently vape it.

You have to be careful with the temperature as well. Polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol that are present in the vape oil when heated to excessively high temperatures break down into carcinogenic compounds that are potentially harmful.

Final Words

That being said, CBD vape oil has it benefits and side-effects but it all comes down to how you use it.

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