5 Hemp Derived CBD Oil Benefits For Better Health

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plants. There are several studies with proven results that show CBD has many therapeutic benefits.

As the trend of CBD has been increasing day by day and it is on the news as well, more and more people are interested in using it and the benefits it provides.

Hemp Derived CBD

CBD is found both in marijuana and hemp plants and is very effective for pain relief, anxiety, stress and treating a number of other ailments. One of the main benefits of using hemp derived CBD oil is that it provides medicinal effects without that “high”, which is very common when using marijuana.

1: Helps Reduce Chronic Pain

Out of many, one benefit that CBD provides is its ability to quickly relieve pain and inflammation throughout the body. Moreover, it also regulates pain through compounds in your brain that helps reducing the amount of pain you feel.

If you are suffering with chronic pain issues, CBD can significantly help in reducing it in a short span of time.

2: Reduces Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, hemp derived cbd can be your magic drug to overcome it quickly. Several studies show that CBD is very beneficial in reducing anxiety and the symptoms which cause it. A few other studies also tell that CBD benefits in regulating mood and emotional disorders and is very effective in reducing anxiety and depression.

3: Helps Quit Smoking & Treating Cancer

It is not easy to quit smoking right away but the good news is CBD can actually help reduce the desire to smoke significantly. Moreover, you can also switch to a healthier alternative to smoking known as vaping CBD oil using a vape device or e-cig.

Apart from smoking, CBD is very effective in treating cancer and reducing the growth of cancer tumors significantly. A few new studies being conducted on hemp derived CBD and its effects on treating cancer tells that it can potentially help with drug resistant tumor cells.

Other than that, CBD helps with slowing down Alzheimer’s disease as it interferes with your neurodegenerative pathways which results in neuroprotective effects on the brain. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, COPD and more.

4: Doesn’t Turns You High

Unlike marijuana, hemp derived CBD oil does not cause “high”. Although there is some amount of THC in CBD but it is not enough to turn you high. However, it still may cause problems with a drug test, unless you are using a high quality CBD which doesn’t interfere with drug tests and you won’t have a problem.

5: Overcome Addiction And Improve Heart Health

If you are suffering with any kind of addiction whether it be alcohol, smoking or any other, CBD oil can benefit you. A study published in the journal Substance Abuse in 2015 analyzed that CBD has therapeutic effects in people with cocaine, opioid and psychostimulant addictions. Scientists also concluded that CBD can help people who have cannabis or tobacco addiction along with some evidence that it may help to reduce or completely block the effects of THC on mind.

Another study published in journal JCI Insight in 2017 tells that CBD helps to prevent stress-related changes in blood pressure. Researchers picked nine healthy male volunteers who took a single dose of CBD. Another group was given placebo and interestingly, individuals who took CBD showed lower blood pressure level as compared to those who were given placebo.

Final Word

Before using CBD oil to treat a health problem, we highly recommend to consult your healthcare provider. Also if you have any previous health issues or you’re on any medications, you should avoid using it.

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