Lindsay Lohan loses defamation lawsuit against FOX


Lindsay Lohan loses defamation lawsuit against FOX (1)

Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina just lost in court, after a judge threw out their cocaine defamation case against FOX, citing “truth is a defense.”

Lindsay Lohan and her mom got FOX News Channel. They were offended by a comment airing on FOX News Channel last year about LiLo doing cocaine together with her mom. At that time, they called the comment “totally irresponsible and malicious innuendo,” then suede the TV network.

The mom-daughter duo sued the company, claiming that FOX hadn’t removed the footage as requested. In response, FOX insisted they had yanked it off and issued an apology.

Lindsay and Dina Dohan accused FOX of smear campaign due to “the false, defamatory, heartless, derogatory comment.” However, the judge did not believe this to be the case and declared, “Truth is a defense,” referring to the actress’ history as a drug abuser.

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