Donald Trump now owns 100% of Miss Universe Organization


Donald Trump now owns all shares of Miss Universe Organization (1)

Donald Trump claimed earlier today that he is now the sole owner of Miss Universe Organization after purchasing NBC’s share.

The business mogul took to Twitter to announce that he has settled lawsuits against the company. He revealed: “Just purchased NBC’s half of The Miss Universe Organization and settled all lawsuits against them. Now own 100 percent — stay tuned!”

The Republican presidential hopeful previously owned 50% stake in the beauty pageant organization with the rest owned by NBC. The network cut ties with Trump, firing him from “The Celebrity Apprentice” after he called Mexican immigrants “killers and rapists” in his stance against illegal immigrants.

Univision also distanced themselves from Trump, and he responded by suing Univision for $500 million. Trump also threatened to file a lawsuit against NBC.

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