T-Pain Scraps Auto-Tune & Performs National Anthem At Dodgers-Giants Game (VIDEO)


T-Pain sings National Anthem video

Many of us think of T-Pain as a dread-locked guy with a top hat that always uses Auto-Tune.

But T-Pain showed everyone he has a great voice on his own, while performing the National Anthem at the Dodgers and Giants game.  Check it out!

The singer previously never used his own voice without modifying it on his songs, but we are really impressed with his singing ability.

Anytime I think of T-Pain, the hilarious video “I’m on a Boat” with the Lonely Island Guys comes to mind.

T-Pain certainly doesn’t need to use Auto-Tune that made him famous.

T-Pain appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series to perform without any Auto-Tune in October 2014, which was the first time we actually heard his real singing voice.

The rapper seemed a bit shy at first, telling the small crowd, “Thank you all for coming out. This is weird as hell for me. Never done anything like this. Didn’t think you guys were gonna be here, but I guess we’re doing this…”

Fans went nuts for T-Pain National Anthem rendition. Here are some fan’s reactions.

The singer will be releasing an album called Stoicville soon.

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