Betty White to guest-star on Bones


Betty White to guest-star on Bones (1)

Betty White is joining the cast of “Bones” when it returns for the show’s 11th season.

The legendary actress is set to play a new squintern who assists on a murder linked to fantasy football. She will appear in one episode of the 11th season.

Betty White announced the casting news via Twitter with a message that read: “Wanted to let you know first that I will be joining the @BONESonFOX family for an upcoming episode this fall! #Bones.”

According to the Bones press release, White’s character will be Jeffersonian’s newest squintern, Dr. Beth Mayer, who is described “as sharp as a tack, experienced and fabulous” and an expert on both anthropology and fantasy football. Her arrival will create a conflict between her and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) as the two are competing with one another in a battle of wits to prove who is the smarter scientist.

“Bones” season 11 premieres Thursday, October 1 at 8 P.M. ET on FOX with new showrunners John Collier and Michael Peterson replacing the departing Stephen Nathan.

The Betty White episode is scheduled to air sometime in October.

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