Terrence Howard wins Divorce Settlement case against ex


Terrence Howard wins Divorce Settlement case against ex (1)

It’s a big win for Terrence Howard, who was given a winning decision on his divorce settlement case against his ex-wife Michelle Ghent

Judge Thomas Trent Lewis sided with the 46-year-old actor after learning that Howard was coerced into signing the settlement by his ex-wife.

Terrence Howard told the court that he signed a settlement to end his marriage to Ghent in 2012 because he was afraid that she would leak private details about him, including phone sex recordings with other women and a video of him dancing naked in a bathroom.

Judge Lewis said of his decision: “The evidence of extortion or duress was unrebutted.”

Following the ruling, Terrence Howard wrote in a statement, “I could not be any more pleased by today’s ruling. I am grateful to my [attorney and his team,] whose skill and tireless efforts enabled me to secure this terrific ruling from the Court.”

Photos by: Brian To/WENN.com


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