Is Kim Kardashian faking her Baby Bump?


Kim Kardashian accused of faking her Baby Bump (1)

Kim Kardashian is being accused of faking her baby bump in a new selfie.

The reality TV star is being criticized for the way her baby bump fluctuates with each photo and outing. Some fans have even suspect that Kim Kardashian is actually faking her pregnancy.

This rumor got fired up when she shared a selfie on Instagram on Monday night, July 27, with Kim seen cradling her baby bump while posing in front of a mirror wearing a tight white dress. “Good night baby,” she captioned it.

MediaTakeOut pointed out that Kim’s belly looked bigger in the photo than she was photographed earlier in the day, alleging that the Kardashian is wearing a prosthetic belly.

MTO wrote: “We TOLD YOU … We Told You That Kim Kardashian Has Been Wearing A PROSTHETIC BELLY … And She’s Not Really PREGNANT … Now We Got THE PROOF!!”

The site continued: “ told you a few months back, that Kim Kardashian was likely FAKING her pregnancy … word is that she hired a SURROGATE to carry her baby. Now there’s PROOF. Yesterday Kim K slipped up … and wore the WRONG PROSTHETIC BUMP when she went out. You see, earlier in the day, she posted a pic of herself on Instagram wearing her 6 MONTHS ALONG belly. But later, when she went out … she wore a MUCH SMALLER prosthetic – more like her 4 month along prosthetic. The size difference was VERY OBVIOUS. It’s gotta be tough keeping track of all them PROSTHETIC BABY BUMPS.”

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