Rita Ora slams back at ‘The X Factor’ judging gig criticism


Rita Ora slams back at 'The X Factor' judging gig criticism (1)

Rita Ora isn’t letting Mirror reporter Polly Hudson off the hook for criticizing her new gig as UK X Factor’s newest judge.

Hudson made the critique on Wednesday, 17 June, writing: “Nick Grimshaw I, at least, understand the logic of. But Rita Ora? Completely baffling madness. Apparently her acts were the first eliminated from the BBC snoozefest, too – so she was the biggest loser on a complete failure of a programme.” She also recalled Ora’s appearance “as a guest judge on ‘The X Factor’ three years ago” to question the “Radioactive” songtress’ qualifications as a judge.

The reporter also named a couple of people who would suit the ‘judge’ role better than Rita Ora, saying her 10-month-old baby who “has an ear infection, still a much better prospect than Rita Ora.”

Rita took to Twitter and wrote: “Suck my D**k Polly Hudson I guess the mirror is the only newspaper that prints your s**tty pointless stories.” She added: “But never guess what see you every Saturday night. I know you’ll be watching. I’ll blow you a kiss. Thanks for making it 9.”

To finish off her rant, Ora appealed to journalists, saying: “Journalists please bring positivity back into the world[.] don’t just try & get readers (if U have any) & waste their brain space with rubbish!”

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