Tom Ellis to play lead on FOX’s ‘Lucifer’


Tom Ellis Lands Lead Role on FOX's 'Lucifer' (1)

Tom Ellis is set to headline the pilot based on the DC Comics character, “Lucifer.”

According to TVLine, Tom Ellis has been tapped to play the satanic lead role on the small-screen take on DC Comics book. The Welsh actor recently played Robin Hood on “Once Upon a Time.”

The one-hour drama follows Lucifer, who grew bored and unhappy with leading Hell, resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the gorgeous, shimmering insanity of Los Angeles. In his new LA residence, he gets his kicks helping the LAPD punish criminals.

Lucifer was first introduced in Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel “Sandman” before getting his own comic series under Vertigo imprint. The TV adaptation of the DC property comes from “Californication” creator Tom Kapinos.

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