Adrian Grenier to star in animated Disney Junior series ‘Miles from Tomorrowland’


Adrian Grenier to star in animated Disney Junior series 'Miles from Tomorrowland' (1)

Adrian Grenier has landed a major role in the animated Disney Junior series ‘Miles from Tomorrowland.’

The actor will begin playing the role of Captain Joe Callisto, the titular character Miles’ uncle, once the show airs Friday, February 20 at 9 A.M.

The show is described as an “intergalactic adventure series” to incorporate “unique space and science facts into storylines that chart the outer space missions of young adventurer Miles Callisto (Cullen McCarthy) and his family as they help connect the galaxy on behalf of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.”

Adrian Grenier will work alongside his childhood friend Sascha Paladino who serves as the show’s creator.

When asked about making his first foray into animation and voice work, Grenier explained, “Nothing major. I’ve done some smaller things, narration and that sort of thing. Sascha and I have known each other for a long time and we’ve done short movies together, those kinds of voiceovers, but nothing on this scale or this quality.”

As of Paladino, he showed excitement of working together with the actor. “We used to make movies together as kids, and in a way, it was like being teenagers again and making movies together in a park with a video camera! [Laughs] There was a certain joy to that. It wasn’t about making a living or feeding other people, it was just doing it for the fun of it. Working together brought that back. We were just doing it because we love to do it. It was nice. It sounds cheesy, but we had a child-like joy.”

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