Afroman apologizes for punching female fan onstage


Afroman apologizes for punching female fan onstage (1)

Afroman was caught on camera punching a female fame onstage during his concert in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday, February 17, and is now apologizing for his actions.

The ‘Because I Got High’ singer says he’s seeking anger-management rehab, as he sought an apology during an interview with TMZ Wednesday, where he admitted that his act was “wrong.”

Ironically, Afroman then blamed a heckler and the woman who was onstage for being there. He said he didn’t realize the woman was still there, mistaking her for a male heckler who had been berating him throughout his concert. He explained: “I thought the girls had already left the stage, and after hearing this guy for a few songs, I thought it was him.”

Afroman continued his excuses, claiming he was anxious during the concert because he hadn’t medicated and “had to walk half a mile to get to the place.”

TMZ obtained a photo of Afroman getting handcuffed by police. According to reports, cops stopped the concert and escorted the singer off stage. He was booked for assault and was later released after paying a $330 bond.

Afroman has did something similar like this before. Just last year, he tossed a male fan off stage during his December concert in Cincinnati.

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