TLC funds final album via Kickstarter campaign


TLC Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Final Album (1)

The remaining members of TLC are releasing their final album, and their skipping traditional record label funding for a Kickstarter campaign.

T-Boz and Chilli want to have complete creative control of their last studio installment, so they’re asking fans for financial help instead of going the major label route.

TLC created a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production and promotion of their album. Talking to The Associated Press, T-Boz said: “We’ve always been known to do things differently. We’ve always been trailblazers and trendsetters. We’ve always been outspoken, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.”

Chilli added: “People may say, ‘Hey, you are celebrities. Why can’t you just pay for it yourself?’ But it doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot that goes into it. We want to bring our fans into the process and see how it’s done. We could knock out two birds with one stone. We can have them involved in our album. Then also, we can have control over everything. That’s a perfect combination.”

The campaign has a $150,000 goal, with $104,000 already being funded with another 29 days to go. If you want VIP concert tickets, T-Boz and Chilli voicemail, a listening party or a photoshoot with TLC, check out their fundraiser page.

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