Suge Knight hospitalized after fall in Las Vegas jail cell


Suge Knight hospitalized after fall in Las Vegas jail cell

Suge Knight fell and hit his head in his Las Vegas jail cell on Thursday.

Knight’s lawyers confirmed that Suge was hospitalized in Las Vegas with a blood clot near his lung after passing out in his jail cell and hitting his head. The 49-year-old was in stable condition at University Medical Center Monday, though his lawyers cautioned that he “not in good health” and had suffered bruises on the back of his head and his neck.

Suge Knight is facing robbery charges for allegedly stealing a woman’s camera in California in September. He was scheduled to appear at the hearing, but attorneys Richard Schonfeld and Julie Raye said Knight was taken to the hospital after falling in his jail cell on Thursday. At the hearing, his bail was set at $75,000.

Knight and comedian Katt Williams were both arrested on October 28 on allegations they stole a woman’s camera during a confrontation in Beverly Hills last month.

Last week, Suge’s attorney Schonfeld told the Daily News that Knight had no idea he was a wanted man at the time of his arrest and was suffering in jail without access to pain meds he’d been taking since suffering multiple gunshot wounds at a nightclub shooting on August 24.

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