Kathy Griffin In Talks To Take Over ‘Fashion Police’ Hosting Duties


Kathy Griffin In Talks To Take Over 'Fashion Police' Hosting Duties (1)

Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, giving E! network her blessing to continue “Fashion Police” in 2015, Kathy Griffin becomes the first report of a replacement.

A report in London’s Daily Mail reveals: “A source told the Daily Mail that Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, will continue as a producer on the show. The source also reveald that Kathy has been told if she wants the gig she can have it because Melissa wanted someone who her mother would have approved of. Kathy will probably take the position but they are still working out the deal.”

Since Rivers’ untimely death in September 2014, Griffin has been posting photos to her Instagram account of herself and Joan Rivers. Known for her no-holds-barred jokes about celebrities Kathy Griffin considers Rivers as her mentor.

After Rivers’ death, Griffin posted this on Twitter about her friend, “’A legend, a friend, a mentor, an icon, and wildly funny. 1 of a kind. RIP’ – @kathygriffin”

Larry King asked Griffin about the rumors she was in talks to take over Rivers’ jobs while she was in a coma. She replied: “It’s disgusting. It’s not true… I thought I’d heard it all, but that [rumor] hurts because it’s as far from the truth as you can get. I would never take Joan’s job. Joan and I had a different style. She absolutely was my mentor for sure, but no.”

Photos by: HRC/WENN.com


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