Ariana Grande Diva Rumors Have Her ‘Laughing Out Loud’


Ariana Grande Diva Rumors Have Her 'Laughing Out Loud' (1)

Ariana Grande isn’t letting the “diva rumors” bring her down. The pop star says it’s making her “laugh out loud.”

The 21-year-old singer dismissed rumors that her recent alleged diva behavior included an incident earlier this summer where she bashed fans after signing autographs.

Ariana Grande took to her twitter page earlier this week to set the record straight, saying that “some of these rumors that have been coming out” about her have her “laughing out loud,” adding that she “really can’t take em seriously.”

According to the rumor, Ariana was at a New York City radio station earlier this summer and signed some autographs for fans on her way in for her interview. The source claims that once she got on the elevator and the doors closed, Ariana said of her fans, “I hope they all f***ing die.”

Grande continued addressing the issue, saying: “sooner or later ppl will realize that what u put out is what u get back. the lies/hate etc. give love & I promise life will treat u better.”

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