Kanye West Hospitalized In Australia While On Tour


Kanye West Hospitalized In Australia While On Tour (1)

Kanye West was rushed to a hospital just hours before a performance in Australia.

The rapper was scheduled to perform a series of concerts in the area, but checked into the hospital as a precautionary measure to find the cause of his intense migraine headache.

TIME Magazine reports that Kanye West received private treatment. He took an MRI and was released from the Melbourne hospital after over 2 hours. According to sources, Yeezes is doing “fine and didn’t have a major health scare or seizure.”

Loraine Terry to Woman’s Day, who was at the hospital with her daughter, recalled: “Everyone was massively panicked. And they were very nervous about making sure the area was completely clear.”

Kanye went on to perform that evening at the 15,000-seat Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. He will conclude his September tour of Australia with two more concerts in Sydney and a final show in Brisbane.

Photos by: Manuil Yamalyan/WENN.com


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