Ali Larter reveals she’s pregnant with second child


Ali Larter reveals she's pregnant with second child (1)

Ali Larter revealed that she is expecting her second child, while visiting The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The actress, who was there to promote her new show “Legends,” announced that she and husband Hayes MacArthur are pregnant with another baby. Interestingly, the last time Ali Larter was there in 2010, she announced her first pregnancy as well.

Larter referenced her former visit, saying: “Yeah, I came on and… I was pregnant. It went so well that I said to my husband, ‘I’m going on ‘Fallon.’ You know what that means. Gotta get pregnant.”

Ali also revealed that she wanted to keep her pregnancy private. She explained: “I’ve been trying to hide it as much you can, and when you’re in the public eye, it’s really scary in the beginning and so, I was still shooting my spy drama — I’m doing ‘Legends’ with Howard Gordon. … I have to be like a covert spy in my real life too, so like I’m wearing blazers and pushup bras and everything you can do to distract as the bump is like growing.”

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur met on the set of National Lampoon’s Homo Erectus in 2006 and married in 2009. Their firstborn Theodore Hayes MacArthur was born in December 2010.

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