Godzilla 2 villains revealed at Comic-Con


Godzilla 2 villains revealed at Comic-Con (1)

Director Gareth Edwards revealed three classic monsters to be featured in the upcoming Godzilla 2 during the Comic-Con International.

The 39-year-old British director and Legendary Pictures broke the news on July 26 in San Diego, informing fans that the beasts to be featured on Godzilla 2 include Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah (that will all face off with the lizard king).

The teaser trailer shown, entitled “Classified Monarch Footage” began with a retro-style film with a voice over talking about threats to humanity. Then when the film seemed to be coming to its end, a pterodactyl’s shadow appeared with the caption “CODENAME: RODAN,” followed by a giant moth-like creative “CODENAME: MOTHRA” and lastly, a dragon’s silhouette “CODENAME: GHIDORAH.” The clip ends with: “THREAT ASSESSMENT: CONFLICT INEVITABLE. LET THEM FIGHT!” Check out the clip below…

Gareth Edwards will also direct one of Disney’s upcoming Star Wars spinoffs for release in 2016, but Godzilla 2 has yet to receive a release date.

Photos by: Daniel Deme/Mario Mitsis/WENN.com


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