Rick Ross arrested for Probation Violation


Rick Ross Arrested For Probation Violation (1)

Rick Ross was arrested Friday night after his performance at Greensboro, North Carolina’s 102 Jamz’s Super Jam 2014 concert, after failing to appear in court for a 2013 misdemeanor marijuana charge.

Greensboro police arrested rapper Rick Ross on Friday after his Super Jam performance. The court issued an order for his arrest because of a failure to appear citation on a misdemeanor marijuana charge.

TMZ reports that Ross cooperated with local police, posted bail and has now been released. A Greensboro Police Department spokesperson said the initial charge happened at a previous Super Jam concert. Ross was taken to the magistrate’s office where he paid a $1,000 bond, but was not taken to jail.

Rick Ross isn’t having the best month. Last week, he was turned away at the door after more than 100 people wouldn’t let him perform at Detroit’s Summer Jamz concert.

Ross’s sixth and latest album, “Mastermind,” was released in March and hit No. 1, selling 179,000 copies.

Photos by: Johnny Louis/WENN.com


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