Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut ‘Lost River’ booed at Cannes


Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut ‘Lost River’ booed at Cannes (1)

“Lost River,” the first directorial film of Ryan Gosling, made its debut at Cannes, but critics slammed the theatrical fable even before its evening premiere.

“Lost River” premiered Tuesday at the festival’s crowded afternoon slot, but immediate reactions from critics was largely negative, with The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin calling the film “dumb-foundingly poor,” and Variety’s Scott Foundas saying it was a “first-rate folie de grandeur.”

“Lost River” stars Christina Hendricks (of the Mad Men fame), who plays a single mother Billy of two kids – a toddler and a teen named Bones (played by Iain De Caestecker). It is set in a Detroit neighborhood, where a local gangster named Bully (played by Matt Smith) threatens Bones on a daily basis. With Billy behind on mortgage payments, she begins to perform at an underworld nightclub featuring bloody acts of horror, where she meets Eva Mendes’s character (Gosling’s current girlfriend).

Some viewers did find Ryan Gosling’s first directorial project to be better than films from other first-time actor-turned-directors. Some critics say the film was vibrant, theatrically visual, ambitious, and clearly showed the influence of Nicolas Winding Refn (who Ryan Gosling worked with in the noir thriller “Drive.”)

“Lost River,” which was previously titled “How to Catch a Monster,” has yet to be given a release date by U.S. distributor Warner Bros.

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