Ray J offers sex tape money as Kim Kardashian wedding gift


Ray J offers sex tape money as Kim Kardashian wedding gift (1)

Ray J, Brandy Norwood’s brother who helped make Kim Kardashian famous, thought of the perfect wedding gift for the reality star: profits from their infamous sex tape!

TMZ reports that the 33-year-old singer offered his former girlfriend Kim and her fiance Kanye West a check for almost $47,000 – or four months worth of revenues from the X-rated “Kim Kardashian Superstar” video (which Ray J and Kim filmed when they were dating in 2007).

Although reports say Kim K earns as much as Ray J from the sales each month, the extra $6135.60 in January, $20,097.31 in February, $9,674.76 in March, and $10,931.52 in April still adds up to a HUGE wedding gift.

Vivid Entertainment, the company Ray J and Kim K signed under for the sex tape, says the video has earned $50 million to date.

Ray J says if Kim refuses his gift, then he pledged to donate it to her favorite charity.

While Kim has yet to say if she’s going to accept the gift, Kanye West will probably give it back to Ray J with some choice words. A source close to West previously said: “When some of his buddies were teasing him about it over a few beers just recently, he went crazy and told them in no uncertain terms that the subject was completely off limits. At first they thought he was joking, but he was deadly serious. Kanye never, ever wants to see the tape, and he has banned anyone in his entourage from even talking about it.’”

Photos by: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com


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