Solange Knowles attacks bro-in-law Jay-Z inside elevator


Solange Knowles attacks bro-in-law Jay-Z inside elevator

A video showing Beyonce’s sister SOlange Knowles attacking Jay-Z inside an elevator was leaked Monday and exploded the internet.

The video, obtained and posted by TMZ, shows Solange ferociously attacking Jay-Z, kicking, screaming and swinging at him inside an elevator on their way out of a Met Gala after-party last week at New York City’s Standard Hotel.

The video shows Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange and their group of bodyguards stepping into the elevator. Once in, Solange begins screaming at Jay-Z and unleashed a violent, physical attack, which was controlled by a large man who appeared to be one of their bodyguards.

Solange was hold back, but the attack didn’t stop there. She was seen berating Jay-Z for an unknown reason, while managing to thrown in a kick. Jay Z didn’t attempt to strike her, even if Solange appeared to slap him with her clutch. Beyonce, who was standing beside Jay-Z, didn’t go in the middle of the fight, nor reacted against her sister or husband.

Right before the group exited the elevator, Solange took a few last shots and was spotted looking pissed as they all walked out of the building together. Beyonce rode with her sister in one car, but Jay Z took another ride home.

If you haven’t seen the fight, check it out below:

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