One Direction suing condom company


One Direction suing condom brand

Pop group One Direction is planning to sue a US-based condom company for selling products based on the boyband.

The range in question is called “One Erection – Up All Night,” and although the boys find the product and its clever name funny, the 1D management isn’t impressed.

A source close to the boys’ management said: “The boys heard about the condoms and found them hilarious. They even joked about buying a few packets for a laugh. But their management team aren’t seeing the funny side. They are considering bringing in lawyers to stop them shamefully exploiting the band to sell condoms. It’s only a small US online firm so management weren’t too concerned at first but they are still worried the range damages the group’s image.”

Apparently, One Direction has been presented with other bigtime offers from condom companies to create their own range, but have turned them all down. The source adds: “So they aren’t happy someone else is cashing in on their sex symbol status.”

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