Soulja Boy arrested for illegal gun possession


Soulja Boy Arrested For Illegal Gun Possession (1)

Rapper Soulja Boy was arrested in California for gun possession early Wednesday morning.

According to TMZ, San Fernando Valley police pulled over a car that the 23-year-old hip-hop star was a passenger in. While the reason for stopping the car was simply due to a minor traffic violation, authorities detained Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Way) for illegally in possession of a loaded gun. He was booked at a local jail.

Soulja Boy had some legal woes early last year as well. In January 2013, his friend
Abrahim Mustafa was driving his Bentley when it collided with a motorcycle. Soulja was later sued over the alleged hit-and-run accident.

Soulja Boy gained popularity for his 2007 hit and Grammy-nominated song “Crank That.” He was the first 16-year-old artist to write, perform, and produce a number-one song on the Hot 100.

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