Beyonce lost $3.8m from illegal album downloads


Beyonce lost $3.8m from illegal album downloads (1)

Beyonce’s new album may be breaking records left and right, with millions of copies sold within a week, but the singer actually lost approximately $3.8 million in sales after 240,000 copies illegally downloaded so far.

The singer dropped her self-titled album on December 13 exclusively on iTunes without any prior advertising or announcement. The album landed #1 in the U.S. chart with a total of 991,000 sold during the first 10 days of release, staying on to the Billboard 200 for two consecutive weeks.

Unfortunately for Beyonce though, approximately 240,000 fans were unwilling to pay $15.99 for 14 new songs and 17 music videos during the same time period. Instead, data analysts report the fans downloaded the complete album at illegal file-sharing websites to download the tunes.

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