Simon Cowell to quit smoking in front of son


Simon Cowell to quit smoking in front of son (1)

Simon Cowell is a known chain smoker, but the media mogul reveals he’s planning not to smoke around his baby son when born.

Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman is pregnant with their first child, and Simon says he plans to cut down his smoking habit, starting with avoiding any smoke in front of their offspring.

Simon visited LBC 97.3 radio and was asked if he’ll smoke in front of his son. Cowell answered: “No, I won’t do that, I’ve learnt that. I’m trying to do electronic cigarettes, they’re not bad. But moderation would be better.”

While the ‘X Factor’ boss had previously insisted he wouldn’t kick the habit for good, Cowell was baby-proofing his home and making other changes, such as building a dedicated “smoking room” where he could hide away his booze and cigarettes. Cowell explained then: “There are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby. You have to get rid of sharp edges, cigarettes, alcohol … then there’s the toilet to make safe. But I’ll have a smoking room!”

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