Lostprophets Music removed in stores Due To Ian Watkins Sex Scandal


Lostphropets Music removed in stores Due To Ian Watkins Sex Scandal (1)

Lostprophets’ music has been removed from the shelves of a major British retail chain following Ian Watkins’ child abuse admission.

The now-disbanded group has been facing the criticisms of both fans and non-fans worldwide after its singer Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty to a number of sexual charges, including attempting to rape a baby and making indecent videos and images of children during a court appearance at Cardiff Crown Court Tuesday.

After a year of denying the charges, Watkins plead ‘guilty’ and shocked more fans, many of which have vowed never to listen to the band’s songs ever again.

The backlash continued as U.K. entertainment chain HMV decided to stop selling all Lostprophets music and merchandise in the company’s 140 stores. Employees of the music store were ordered to remove all Lostprophets stock that remains on the shelves. A spokesman for the chain confirmed this decision and said that band’s music on the HMV website will also be removed soon.

Lostprophets split last month, before Watkins was due to stand trial. The remaining band members addressed the fans, saying they “could no longer continue making or performing music as Lostprophets.”

Photos by: Sakura/WENN.com


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