Miley Cyrus tones it down for X Factor performance


Miley Cyrus' singing on X Factor criticized by fans

Miley Cyrus has been promoting her album non-stop since releasing singles for her “Bangerz” album and at her “X Factor” performance, the tiredness clearly showed as fans criticized her live vocals.

Cyrus took to the stage during Sunday night’s results show but left viewers unimpressed with her singing. She toned down her entire performance with minimal twerking and other gimmicks like smoking a joint, which put Miley’s vocals front and center.

Unfortunately for Miley, viewers were left disappointed with her performance, many of which took to Twitter to criticize her live vocals. One viewer tweeted: “I think even I could sing Wrecking Ball better than Miley Cyrus just did.” One asked: “Why was Miley Cyrus shouting down the mic? What a weirdo she is!” Another bluntly said: “Miley Cyrus giving out yet another s**te performance. Least she didn’t twerk Dermot.”

Do you think Miley should stick to her gimmicks? Check the video of her performance below…

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