Jake Gyllenhaal hospitalized after punching mirror on set


Jake Gyllenhaal hospitalized after punching mirror on set (1)

Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie role turned real Wednesday, when he got injured punching a mirror on set and hospitalized.

The actor reportedly got so into his character that he ended up in hospital on Wednesday. The incident occurred while filming an intense scene for his new action flick “Nightcrawler,” where he plays a crime scene reporter.

People.com reports that Gyllenhaal “flipped out” and punched a mirror, as part of the scene. Gyllenhaal’s rep Mara Buxbaum told AP that Jake was indeed injured when he unexpectedly broke a mirror and cut his hand accidentally. Buxbaum said Jake’s hand was “badly cut up” requiring “numerous stitches,” but the actor was back for a final day of filming after “a few hours in the emergency room.

Nightcrawler, which required Jake to lose 20 pounds for the role, is a crime drama set for release next year. It also stars Bill Paxton and Rene Russo.

Photos by: WENN.com


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