Charlie Sheen’s Twins Moving Back into Brooke Mueller’s House


Charlie Sheen's Twins Moving Back into Brooke Mueller's House (1)

Charlie Sheen just lost big time, as his two exes Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller sat down with the Medical Director at the L .A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services and decided Mueller will “gradually unify” with her 4-year-old boys, but after Brooke’s brother Scott Mueller was named temporary guardian to the twins, the unification would be considered a.s.a.p.

Charlie Sheen’s twin sons, who have been under Denise Richards’ care since their mom Brooke Mueller’s latest rehab stint, are now being transferred to Brooke’s brother Scott Mueller’s care after being named the new temporary guardian.

Instead of the twins living in Scott’s home, Scott is reportedly going to live in Brooke’s house, which Sheen bought in the same gated community as his own home and Richards’.

Richards had been caring for twins Bob and Max since early last May when Brooke’s ongoing battle with substance abuse landed her back in a hospital. Denise recently informed child welfare officials that she wanted to step down as the twin’s guardian because Brooke was allegedly blocking her attempt to get professional help from the boys’ “violent behavior.” Denise claims the 4-year-olds not only hurt animals, but have also “kicked and punched” her two daughters with Sheen from their prior marriage.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services tried to change Richards’ mind after an emergency hearing Wednesday, but they were not successful.

As for stepping up for the boys, Charlie’s people says the actor is responsible for “$110,000 a month in child support,” with an entire cast and crew depending on him, so he cannot quit to personally raise his boys.

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