Zac Efron completes rehab for cocaine addiction


Zac Efron completes rehab for cocaine addiction (1)

Zac Efron is not one to call paparazzi for some publicity. He has kept his private life so private that news of his cocaine addiction has only surfaced now after months of rehab.

TMZ reports that the 25-year-old former ‘High School Musical’ star quietly completed a stint in rehab earlier this year and is now sober. He completed the stint five months ago due to cocaine addiction and some “Molly” (a popular form of Ecstacy).

Some unnamed sources tells TMZ that Efron’s problem “spiraled out of control” during the filming of one of his new movies “Neighbors,” where he was a no-show on a number of days on set. The source adds: “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.”

He was last seen at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of “Parkland,” his upcoming ensemble drama about the JFK assassination opening Oct. 4. At the time, Efron told E! Online: “I’m good, real good.”

A source close to the actor also revealed to E! News that he’s “healthy, happy and not drinking” and is “taking time to focus on working.”

Unlike other child stars, Zac Efron has no history of DUIs or other behavior problems, so this news comes as a shock to many. Efron’s spokesperson declined to comment.

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