Judge granted Long-Term Psych Hold over Amanda Bynes


A Judge allows Long-Term Psych Hold over Amanda Bynes (1)

A judge has just approved doctors’ requests to keep Amanda Bynes under their care in a mental health facility for a longer period, instead of the 30-day hold extension requested earlier this month.

According to TMZ, Bynes’ doctors asked the judge for a long-term hold and the request was approved. The doctors then gave Bynes’ mother control of the hold, since she was given temporary conservatorship over Amanda’s affairs earlier this month.

Based reports, this new development would mean Amanda Bynes could spend up to a year under a mental health program, but it is highly unlikely since her doctors have revealed they are planning to keep her under their care for another 60 days, before transferring her care over to Amanda’s mom.

Amanda Bynes’ attorney Tamar Armanak made a statement earlier today that clarified: “Jonathan Jaxson does not represent the Bynes family or Amanda. We are not sure why he is commenting on Amanda’s health care or representing himself as a publicist hired by her family. Amanda’s family continues to be devoted to their daughter’s well being.”

Armanak also added that Up until today, Amanda has been at Hillmont [Psychiatric Center in Ventura, Calif.] and not at UCLA Medical Center,” after reports surfaced Amanda was moved to UCLA earlier this month.

Photos by: RK/WENN.com


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