Kanye West clear of felony charge in pap smackdown


Kanye West won't face felony charge in pap smackdown (1)

There’s good news for new dad Kanye West. He just avoided a felony charge in recent LAX scuffle with paparazzi.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Friday that it will not prosecute Kanye West who had a smackdown with the paparazzi at the Los Angeles airport on July 19. But the case will go to the city attorney for a possible misdemeanor charge.

At the incident last month, videos showed West lunging at a photographer’s camera, trying to wrestle it away. It happened after a videographer followed him through the airport and out the door, pleading to talk to West. Kanye kept silent throughout it, but snapped before getting in his car.

Kanye’s relationship with paparazzi is infamous as he had similar run-ins with paparazzi at LAX in the past. Only a week before the incident, he had demanded photographers not talk to him “ever” and get their cameras out of his face as he walked through the airport.

Photos by: JP/JFXimages/WENN.com


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