Spike Lee reaches $1.25M KickStarter goal to fund new movie


Spike Lee reaches 1.25m KickStarter goal to fund new movie (1)

Spike Lee’s Kickstarter project has reached its $1.25 million goal, despite criticisms from other filmmakers, fans and other celebrities.

The 56-year-old director reached his $1.25 million goal on Kickstarter to fund his next project, four days ahead of his deadline. It became the third highest-earning film in the crowdfunding site’s history, after the “Veronica Mars” feature film and Zach Braff’s follow-up to “Garden State.”

However, Like Zach Braff’s Kickstarter project, Lee’s crowdfunding project didn’t go without criticisms. One of the vocal critics was Kevin Smith, who wrote on Reddit in May: “Unlike back when I made ‘Clerks’ in ’91, I’ve GOT access to money now — so I should use that money and not suck any loot out of the crowd-funding marketplace that might otherwise go to a first-timer who can really use it.”

Spike Lee did have some fellow Hollywood supporters, including indie director Steven Soderbergh who pledged $10,000.

Lee’s film is reportedly about “human beings who are addicted to blood.” He describes the film as “Funny, Sexy and Bloody. A new kind of love story (and not a remake of “Blacula”).”

Photos by: DJDM/Judy Eddy/WENN.com


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