Kris Jenner bribes critic after her new talk show gets bad review


Kris Jenner bribes critic with cupcakes and pen (1)

Kris Jenner allegedly bribed a New York Post reporter after giving Jenner’s new talk show with an unfavorable review.

It all began when Linda Stasi of the New York Post wrote a review about Jenner’s talk show. Stasi writes: “Kris is so horrible it should come with a hazard warning,” adding that Jenner “has as much business with a talk show as her big, talentless bore-of-a-daughter, Khloe, had co-hosting a talent show like The X Factor.”

Jenner responded with the review by sending Stasi a dozen Magnolia cupcakes and a $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen, with a note that suggested Stasi to use when writing a better review next time.

The stunt didn’t impress Stasi at all, and slammed Jenner once more. She responded: “Kris, let’s get something straight right here, right now. I cannot be bought – for a pen. A pen and pencil set, maybe – but just a pen? To improve your rating, Mrs. Kardashian-Jenner, either you somehow become interesting, which given the data seems as likely as the pope turning Jewish, or you do better with the bribes.”

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