Chris Brown’s probation revoked, faces jail term


Chris Brown's probation revoked, faces jail term (1)

Chris Brown’s probation has been revoked, after a judge reviewed the details of hit-and-run charges the singer is facing.

Brown appeared in court with family as his lawyer and a prosecutor discussed the case on the judge’s chambers. Once they were done, Superior Court Judge James Brandlin said he had read the file, announcing: “In this matter, probation is revoked.”

However, Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray did not ask for Brown to be jailed, and the judge allowed him to remain free on his own recognizance with another hearing set for August 16.

Brown has been on felony probation in connection to the 2009 beating of former girlfriend Rihanna. But got into more trouble back in May 12, when Chris got into a traffic accident where he allegedly rear-ended a car stopped at a red light and refused to give the other driver (a woman) his right license or insurance.

Brown tweeted Monday night that he hopes his fans and supporters can see “the truth” after prosecutors revoked his probation in his 2009 conviction for beating Rihanna.

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