Paula Deen lets go of long-time agent


Paula Deen lets go of long-time agent (1)

One of the main reasons The Food Network didn’t renew Paula Deen’s stint from the network was due to how her team handled the n-word scandal. Now a spokesperson for the chef has confirmed Deen has separated from her long-time agent.

With the ongoing controversy of Paula Deen’s use of racial slurs in the past, the chef decided to sever ties with her agent Barry Weiss. In a statement released Thursday, the 66-year-old chef and her team “thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years.”

Deen’s public relations disaster began when her legal woes were leaked to the press. Former employee Lisa Jackson alleged Deen and her brother Bubba had created a hostile, racist atmosphere at their restaurant. She sued the brother and sister, which led to a deposition, where Deen replied that she had “of course” used the N-word once beofre in her life, citing as an example a time that she was held at gunpoint by an African-American man in 1986.

When news of the racial slurs buzzed on different media platforms, Paula Deen tried to apologize in a second “Today” show interview (she cancelled the first one) and uploaded a pair of video apologies online. The Food Network didn’t seem content with the apology and decided not to renew Deen’s contract, which led to many sponsors, retailers and even her book publisher that dropped Paula.

In a CNN interview made by the Deen’s former employee, Jackson explained: “This lawsuit has never been about the N-word. It is to address Ms. Deen’s patterns of disrespect and degradation of people that she deems to be inferior.”

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