Cher says Tom Cruise is one of her top 5 lovers ever


Cher says Tom Cruise one of her top 5 lovers ever (1)

Cher visited Andy Cohen for “Watch What Happens Live” Thursday night and shared juicy details of her past lovers (including Tom Cruise as one of the best lovers she ever had).

Cher has always been open about having bedded many stars in her day. Back in 2010, she confessed to David Letterman of hooking up with Eric Clapton and Tom Cruise. Now, Cher has gone further revealing one of the top 5s of her ‘best lovers ever.’

When Cohen asked about her ex Tom Cruise, Cher gladly shared: “Aw, well, he wasn’t a Scientologist then! … It was pretty hot and heavy for a little minute. I’ve had just the greatest lovers ever! … He was in the top five.”

Cohen then probed Cher about Cruise’s ranking on her list, with Cher quickly replying: “Well, he was in the top five… It’s not a long list, it’s a good

Aside from that shocking detail of Cher’s personal life, she also admitted to having a lesbian lover at one point, asking simply: “Who hasn’t?”

After the interview, Cher (who by then changed into a gladiator outfit) and Cohen headed to the Chelsea hotspot Marquee for Brandon Voss’s new Thursday night party, Q. She was the guest of honor at nightlife queen Suzanne Bartsch’s “Cher-themed runway show” set to remixes of her greatest hits. At around 3AM, the singer introduced her new single “A Woman’s World” to the crowd.

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