Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio to reunite for ‘Mean Business’


Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio to reunite for 'Mean Business' (1)

“Django Unchained” co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx are set to reunite for the movie adaptation of “Mean Business” as Warner Bros. announced it has acquired the rights to the Craig Zahler novel “Mean Business on North Ganson Street.”

“Mean Business on North Ganson Street” revolve around two police officers who tries to solve a string of attacks against the police department in a Missouri town. They take on the criminals themselves when police officers in the town begin showing up dead executive style.

The story is based on the upcoming crime novel by S. Craig Zahler, who is also writing the script. No director has yet to be named, but DiCaprio and his ‘Appian Way’ production partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran will be co-produce the film.

Both Leo and Jamie are busy with their own projects. While Foxx attends premieres for his new action flick “White House Down,” Leo will be seen in Martin Scorsese’s new biopic “The Wolf of Wall Street” due out in November.

Photos by: Kyle Blair/WENN.com


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