Justin Bieber hires new security team


Justin Bieber hires new security team (1)

Justin Bieber’s security team has been causing problems from battery to an alleged hit-and-run, so the pop star hired a new team.

Problems with Bieber’s old security team began months ago, as report after report of an aggressive security team tries to protect Bieber whether from paparazzi to fans. In one incident, a fan complained to police that he was assaulted by Justin’s security guards after he tried to take a picture of the pop star. In another, a paparazzi claims Bieber’s team confiscated his camera and stole the memory card in it.

The latest problem Bieber’s team faced was an alleged hit and run when the star
was leaving the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood Monday night and footage caught on camera showed him getting into his white Ferrari before driving off along with BFF Lil Twist. As he drives away, Bieber appeared to hit a photographer who was standing on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, sources are telling E!News that his security team actually left on their own, and was not fired. The crew reportedly felt “like they were babysitting” Bieber. The insider explained: “They [the new team] are working around the clock. They are working the hardest they have ever worked. He is all over the place.”

Photos by: WENN.com


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