Charlie Sheen wants Selma Blair fired from ‘Anger Management’


Charlie Sheen wants Selma Blair fired from 'Anger Management' (1)

Farrah Abraham seemed to have awakened Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood, as the warlock is now on a warpath to fire his “Anger Management” co-star Selma Blair off the show.

TMZ reports that the bad blood between the on-screen lovers began when Blair complained to Anger Management big bosses that Charlie was always late to the set and that he had a bad work ethic. This complaint reached Charlie and got extremely pissed off at Blair, so much so that Sheen refuses to shoot if Blair comes to set today.

Charlie reportedly felt that Blair was out of line, since he was the star of the show. Sheen even compared his 40 pages of lines to learn to Selma’s 2-pager.

When news reached Charlie of Blair’s complaint, the actor reportedly told everyone he fired Blair, but the show’s bosses have yet to confirm the news. He did make it clear that he’ll refuse to work if Selma showed up for the Monday shoot (which she didn’t).

Sheen also wants to send an offer to Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend Mila Kunis for a 10-episode stint on the show at $1million per episode.

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