Lindsay Lohan taking rehab seriously this time


Lindsay Lohan taking rehab seriously this time (1)

After tons of brushes with the law, several mug shots and a couple of rehab stints, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly taking her latest court-ordered rehab seriously.

Unlike her last stay at the Betty Ford facility where she had a fight with one of the employees, Lindsay Lohan is in her best behavior as she completes three months of court-ordered rehab.

TMZ reports Lohan is listening to counselors, has realized her family is part of her problem, and is doing something to change that. Since Lindsay’s mom Dina and dad Michael had been publicly bashing each other for years and continue to be at war, Lindsay’s Betty Ford counselors are concerned that this could affect Lindsay’s healing process.

To help her parents become civil with each other, Lohan reportedly decided to give “anchor” chains for her dad, sister Ali and her brother Michael Jr. to represent how “they are all anchors in her life.” TMZ says Dina, Cody and Ali already have the chain. But aside from jewelry, the ultimate goal of Lindsay’s counselors is to get her entire family in the same room.

Lindsay Lohan, who first complained about Betty Ford getting her off Adderall, is also attending all group and one-on-one sessions, getting along with two roommates, and is looking better than she’s looked in a long time.

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