Robin Roberts writing book about her Bone Marrow Disease


Robin Roberts writing book about her Bone Marrow Disease struggle (1)

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts is sharing her struggles about myelodysplastic syndrome/MDS that she was diagnosed with in June of 2012 with a book she’s currently writing.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Robin has signed a book deal with Grand Central Publishing (part of the Hatchet Group) to share her experiences with the rare bone marrow disease and the treatment she underwent when her sister donated blood marrow for a transplant.

Although Robin shared her feelings and news on a blog while she had time off, it seems like she still has more stuff to say with the upcoming book. This won’t be her first book, as Roberts published “From the Heart: 7 Rules to Live By” and “8 Rules to Live By” in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

Roberts said of the news: “I am humbled that many have an interest, and draw strength from my on-going journey. I’m grateful for the prayers and well wishes of so many people. I’m thrilled that Jamie Raab and Grand Central Publishing will help me tell my story.”

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