Melissa Mccarthy Fires Extra From Set


Melissa Mccarthy Fires Extra From Set For Mistreating Little Kid (1)

Melissa McCarthy is currently making her directorial debut and she showed people on set who’s the boss when she fired an extra from the set, after witnessing how she mistreated her own kid.

TMZ reports that incident occurred while McCarthy was filming “Tammy” in Wilmington, NC. The comedy, who is co-directed by Melissa and her husband and fellow first-timer Ben Falcone, has brought in over 200 extras, but one caught Melissa’s attention.

The extra (a woman in her 20s) reportedly brought her 4-5 year-old kid along for the daylong shoot near a lake. People from the set said the young mom has been struggling to keep her child still all morning. The extra kept telling her child to “stop it” loud enough that it disrupted production.

Melissa McCarthy threw out the extra when she saw the mom jerk the child up in the air by the wrist, telling the mom she wouldn’t tolerate abuse on her set as PAs directed the extra out the door.

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