Rihanna Suing Topshop For $5 Million


Rihanna Suing Topshop For $5 Million (1)

Rihanna is suing British clothing company Topshop for $5 million, but the singer will probably face a problem with her lawsuit.

The singer filed her lawsuit against Topshop for selling T-shirts with her face printed on them… without her consent. A source close to Rihanna tells the New York Post that the singer is suing on “principle” because she “wants to make a statement” about Topshop “taking advantage of artists,” adding that what Topshop is doing is “
just exploitation.”

Unfortunately for Rihanna, companies in the United Kingdom can do this legally. The only obligation Topshop has to do is to pay photographers licensing fee to use their images to be used for their clothing, even if they don’t pay the featured celebrity a single cent.

Rihanna’s team reportedly knows the issue of her lawsuit, but got pissed with the company mostly because Topshop is continuously selling Rihanna-related clothes even if she communicated with the company to cease the sales. For Rihanna, the fact that Topshop continues to receive revenue from her face equals to the company telling her to: “go to hell. We don’t care; we are going to continue selling you.”

Photos by: Will Alexander/WENN.com


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