Lindsay Lohan wants to get out of Betty Ford after docs take her Adderall away


Lindsay Lohan wants to quit Betty Ford after docs takes away her Adderall (1)

It took almost two weeks of rehab for Lindsay Lohan to be back on the headlines. The former actress is reportedly planning her escape from The Betty Ford Center because doctors have taken away her Adderall supply.

Lohan, who insists she takes the drug for her ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), is now pissed off that her Betty Ford doctors prefer to treat the ailment with non-addictive Adderall alternatives because they believe many Hollywood celebs use Adderrall as a weight-control drug.

The change in meds didn’t go down well with Lohan, so much so that she’s reportedly searching for a rehab that will allow her to take Adderall while completing her 90-day, court-ordered lockdown rehab.

It remains to be seen if Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dabney will allow Lohan to transfer to yet another rehab facility.

Photos by: Joel Ginsburg/HRC/


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